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History - మన చరిత్ర

Where We Live: We are over 400,000 live in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in India, nearly half of us live in the coastal district of Nellore.

Life Style: Most of us live in huts that are usually surrounded by the fencing. We live as a group called Sangham, Palem, Colony in the villages or away from villages. Traditionally we do prefer a semi-nomadic forest subsistence of hunting, fishing, and gathering nuts, yams, and roots. In 1970, the government of India has resettled many into permanent villages, though others still retain their semi-nomadic lifestyle. Even now many of us are now labourers, and nearly one third still hunt, gather, fish, trap, and dig roots for their subsistence.

What We Believe: We live in harmony with the gods, humanity, and nature and believe that when people die their souls go to Lord Brahma, the creator god.

Problems and Solutions: When women are offended by people they discuss the problems with their husbands or elderly people in the village, who will consult the elders to try and work out settlements. When domestic disputes occur, maternal uncles may be summoned; they have the role of arbitrator in family conflicts and they normally command a lot of respect.

Marriages: Marriages happen within the community. Spouses tend to respect husbands, elders in the family and share a lot of work equally. Society says men a superior and women an inferior social position, but we are normally quite happy in married lives.

Togetherness: We share our work together in the family. We work with others in community. Working together is a sign of the closeness of the good relationship. We discuss family and other stuff together within community.

Independence of Women: Couple can break up and form another marriage, but since they do not like to remain single for long, they tend to re-marry quickly. Our women are as free as men to shift their relationships when they feel estranged from their spouses. Being divorced bears no stigma in the culture.

Raising our Children: Parents must tolerate cranky children and put up with their misdeeds, but they must never spank them. They even hesitate to yell at them. Parents cannot even force their children to attend school; the children make their own choices since they have the freedom to do as they wish. Parents do sometimes discipline children with the threat of like ghosts, devils, police, or others may get them.
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